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Analog CCTV Cameras


At the present moment there are two types of cameras that are used in the field of video surveillance: analog and digital. Let's give consideration to CCTV analog video cameras and observe the range of their employment, benefits and disadvantages of working with them.

Actually analog video cameras for video surveillance are the predecessor of digital cameras. However modern CCTV analog cameras do not differ from their digital counterparts in appearance, quality and functionality. If we consider various features of the two types of cameras we'll see that most of their technical characteristics are comparable. For example, for both variants you can choose any kind of camera enclosure, dark light, angle of view, etc. Nevertheless there are some differences.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Analog CCTV Cameras

Analog CCTV cameraAnalog systems advantages are the following:

  • Analog CCTV systems are cheaper. But the reason is not that its operating quality is low but that parts group of digital cameras are still more expensive to produce.
  • Relatively simple equipment installation.
  • The analog signal can be transmitted over a long distance - up to 50 km!
  • Optical sensitivity of analog cameras is higher than that of digital.
  • There is no computer software in analog systems and consequently it ensures impossibility of pending and network hacking.


Analog systems disadvantages are the following;

  • The need for intermediate signal processing, whereas the digital signal goes directly to the network.
  • Analog systems applicability is for relatively small objects only, for example, a small apartment or premises.

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