HD-CVI is a standard for high-resolution video transmitting over a coaxial cable, thereby reducing the costs of transmission over long distances in comparison with other standards.  Analog systems still dominate on the market of security video surveillance but the demand for high-definition images is undoubtedly growing. However, cable replacement for new HD system installation may result in higher operating costs. HD-CVI is an option to upgrade and replace the existing video surveillance systems from conventional definition to high definition. 

HD-CVI connects control signals, video and audio together and after that transmits them over a single coaxial cable and it greatly simplifies the entire video surveillance system installation process as there is no need to laid separate cables for different transmissions. Besides, there is no signal processing (compression) and the original quality of videos is preserved. 

HD-CVI Advantages

What really differentiates HD-CVI technology from the rest of high-definition video image transmission options is cost effectiveness. In most cases HD-CVI equipment costs the same money as analog CCTV cameras and recorders and is much cheaper than HD-SDI or IP video surveillance systems.

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