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Standard HD-CVI is the next generation of devices in the field of video surveillance, which is considered to be a follower of PAL standard. One of the major HD-CVI video surveillance standard advantages is the ability to transmit video signals at a distance right up to 500 meters over an individual cable. Moreover, in order to increase signal transmission distance you can use additional twisted pair transceivers. Innovative technology of signal-conditioning and video transmission is presupposed according to this new standard, and it helps to avoide noise and get a clearer video camera image. 
Standard HD-CVI is mostly suitable for upgrading existing CCTV systems built on analog cameras. Existing surveillance system modernization from PAL standard to HD-CVI will lead to video quality improving at minimum costs. 

Comparison of Analog CCTV and HD-CVI Standard

HD CVI CameraIn order to definitively determine whether surveillance system of HD-CVI standard meets your requirements, you must compare it with other standards which are more familiar and widespread, such as HD-SDI, IP-video surveillance and analog.

  • Analog video cameras have limited resolution 960p, which is equivalent to 960x480 pixels (NTSC). HD-CVI camera can transmit signals with resolution up to 1080p (2 Megapixel), which corresponds to 1920x1080 pixels. HD-CVI is able to transfer up to 450% more detailed images than standard CCTV cameras and DVR.
  • Analog CCTV transmits video over an isolated coaxial cable. Audio and control signals should be transmitted over several cables. HD-CVI transmits audio, video and control signals via a single cable and thus become a good time and money saver.
  • Analog video devices and HD-CVI are of the same price but HD-CVI offers the better camera image resolution.