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IP-Network Video Recorder

IP Network Video Recorder is designed to organize modern reliable video surveillance systems and it fulfils the same functions as a computer-based video server. Having large capacity and a very compact size the device is applied for twenty-four-hour recording of videos received from surveillance cameras. IP Network video recorder receives video images already in digital format via the Internet or any local network. 

IP NVRAmong other functions of IP NVR you can find

  • Video motion detector;
  • Video recording on schedule;
  • Event preview;
  • Remote access via firmware.


IP Network Video Recorders are adapted for use in existing local networks and well-integrated with other security systems, allowing you to configure centralized complex security system.

Technical characteristics of IP Network Video Recorders

You can select IP NVR based on the following characteristics of this type of devices:

  • Recording resolution;
  • The maximum total bandwidth capability;
  • Video outputs;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Video images viewing from mobile devices;
  • Cloud computing;
  • The number of cameras;
  • Way to connect cameras: manual / search;
  • Video codec;
  • Frame size (in pixels);
  • The number of external hard drives;
  • The recording speed per channel;
  • Recording Mode: on schedule / manual / motion detection
  • Modes of operation: display / playback / full screen / network transmission;
  • Video output, connector type;
  • Export of files;
  • Software for remote viewing over a network;
  • Playback Control: Play / Stop / Pause / Fast / Slow;
  • Remote viewing from mobile devices;
  • Logging: Alarm / Event / User Access