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Five Popular Models of Hankook Tyres in Dubai

Buying brand new tyres can be quite an expensive affair. So, it’s extremely important you check what kind of tyres you require before you make the purchase. More often than not, you might feel the need to go for the more expensive brands burning a hole in your pocket. But what if you got premium quality tyres at much better prices? Hankook tyre shop Dubai offers premium quality tyres at affordable rates. They offer different types of tyre models that possess unique features. Hankook offers tyres not only for passenger cars but for big vehicles like buses and trucks as well. This article will discuss five popular passenger car tyre models that Hankook Tyres offers. 

Kinergy Tyres

This model is known to save your car fuel as they’re rolling resistance is lower than other tyres. This is because Kinergy tyres are made with a harder compound. The Kinergy model of tyres is also rated high on comfort because they can absorb maximum vibrations when your car comes in contact with a speed breaker or pothole. These tyres are also easy to manoeuvre so you can rest assured that you will a smooth drive every time you’re behind the steering wheel.

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Ventus Tyres

This model by Hankook tyres offers a range of sports tyres. Tyres of this model have excellent performance on-road since a soft rubber compound is used in the making of the tyres. You’ll find both basic and advanced tyres in this model range. The price depends on which tyre you choose, while the more high-end models are a bit expensive, the mid-range tyres are easy on your pocket and offer good performance. You’ll also find four-wheel drive tyres within this range as well. 

Optimo Tyres

These tyres are known for their comfortable drive. These tyres were specifically designed to fit luxury saloon cars for the best drive possible. The tyres have an amazing on-road performance on wet roads - thanks to their unique tread pattern that increases water dispersions. The tyres also offer good traction on dry roads too. The tyres have a good grip because of their large contact print which increases the tyre’s footprint.

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Winter l’Pike Tyres

This model, hands-down, has the best tyres for the winter season. This is because the Winter l’Pike model tyres are made of silica compound which offers high grip. This gives the tyres maximum traction on wet roads while decreasing rolling resistance. This is also good for your cars fuel economy. These tyres come with equilibrium carcass lines which gives them excellent sidewall stiffness. This also slows down tread deformation and allows you to steer smoothly.

Dynapro Tyres

The tyres from this model are specifically designed for SUVs. The model offers tyres for both city roads as well as off-road driving. These tyres are known for offering the best traction on both smooth and rough roads as the tyres have deeper treads. This also ensures that its overall performance is never compromised. 

These were some of the popular models of Hankook Tyres Dubai. Check out our website for more ranges, models, and brands.