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How Much Will Office 365 Cost?

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Office 365 is one of the best recently released software you can get for your business or yourself.

Since Microsoft keeps adding new features every year into its Office suites, there are many applications that become part of the same package, and increased flexibility because of the integration of cloud.

Whether you are considering buying the software for yourself or your business, you should know that it is meant to be a cloud version of the Office suite.

This means you will have to make an account and connect using the internet, pay for it, and then download all the required files.

If you have decided to get the suite for your use, Office 365 services by Rounak Computers could help you set the whole thing up in the least amount of time.

Here we explain the basic things to know about the new software, and explore some of the important details.

How Much Will You Need To Pay?

There are several options in which you can pay for the suite, including purchasing the whole thing at once, or paying per year.

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Office 365 Small Business

So if your company is a small one, and you need the software for only maximum 25 users, you can buy the Office 365 Small Business product.

The other option is to pay $60 every month.

The third way is to pay only as long as you use the service. This means you will pay $6 per user every month, only for the time you need the software.

Office 365 Small Business Premium

In this package you will get all the desktop applications included in Office, for $150 per user per year.

Midsize Business

The midsize business version is for larger organizations, and can handle up to 300 users.

For a business that has less than 300 people who need to use Office applications, it also delivers a great pricing point.

Office 365 Enterprise

This version is best for organizations that have more than 300 employees who want to use Office.

These versions cost between $8 and $24 per user per month.

Home And Personal

Having the latest version of Office is always useful, because it adds so many useful applications and fully licensed software, which means no annoying popup messages.

Microsoft has also added amazing facilities to the copy you buy if you want to use it at home.

It costs $10 per month or $100 per year, and allows you to use overall five computers, plus five phones!