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How secure is your data?

The Importance of Data Security

Data securityWithout a strong  IT security system, companies are at a risk to have their safeguarded information stolen. Bank records, account numbers, client information — hackers get hold of this data and use it to enrich themselves to their victims’ financial loss.

Cyber-crime is damaging to its victims. Knowledge is an imperative step toward protecting an IT network from cyber-threats such as

Internal threats:

  • Sometimes, a cyber threat to a company’s data security is someone who already prior access to the network
  • Grudging former employees are the most common executors of this cyber-crime, as they have the passwords and authorizations to get through the network security

Middlemen threats:

  • A scammer hacks a non-secure network connection to interfere in the victim’s online correspondence
  • He receives all messages and can use them to impersonate each party to the other to discover or misuse sensitive information

Password threats:

  • A hacker uses a program to hack the victim’s password
  • Can be accomplished through guesswork, using the dictionary etc.)


  • Someone impersonating a trusted third party, trying to trick the victim into giving up sensitive information (like account numbers, passwords, social security numbers, etc.)
  • Spoofing — using deceitful tactic, by convincing the victim to act against their own interests such as downloading a file or program from a supposed reputable source carrying a virus


  • A malevolent program that restricts users’ access to critical files, demanding an extortion for those files release
  • Malicious software installed on the victim’s computer or network, unsuspectingly


Phishing attackIT Security companies deploy the best possible measures to safeguard the clients against ever-malicious threats against the security of their data. A combination of employee preparation, IT administration, and security software keeps the network always prepared to combat the enormously growing threats of cyber-crime. 

Another aspect is that lets say, IT security companies in Egypt are increasingly costly and complex but partnering with the right IT security company can help the management and bring down costs while protecting data and people more efficiently.

As the plethora of threats to IT security grows in volume and severity, organizations must take a 360-degree approach to security programs through a right amalgamation of technology, solutions, services, people and processes to execute it.