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How to Prepare Your Car Battery for Winters?

The temperature is quite cold during winters. And you may find that the battery of the car is not working. Even, if you are using a higher quality battery, the quality of it deteriorates. The process is quite natural and even a mechanic can’t help you. There are certain features if all those are taken care of, then you can avoid this issue.

Opt for a Battery Blanket

You can get a warm blanket from the car batteries Dubai. This will help you to keep the battery warm and will not allow the liquid that is inside the battery to get freeze.

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Understand the Battery Age

Everything has a lifespan. The battery of a car can last up to 60 to 120 months depending on the maintenance factor. So, if the replacing period is getting closer than you can replace the battery of the car. In case, if you are using the car original battery which was given during the purchase of the car, then you can definitely change it. If you are not able to determine the lifespan of the battery, then you can take the help of the technicians who will help you to know about the lifespan. If the time which is notified by the technician does not tell that you need to change it, and then tell him to clean the batteries.

Clean the Battery Regularly

Cleaning a battery will not only help you in winters but also the efficiency of the battery increases. People usually thing that cleaning the inside and the outside of the vehicle will help in increasing the lifespan of the vehicle, but this is not true. You need to clean the battery of the vehicle to increase the lifespan of the car. In case, while cleaning if you come across any corrosive material then either replace it or clean it properly.

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Avoid Leaving Things in the Car

As the battery is already weak during the winter, then try to avoid keeping things in the car that can reduce the charge of the battery. Do not keep the lights of the car or the radio on. This will drain the charge of the battery.

Disconnect the Battery When not in Use

If you are not using the car for some time, then it is better to disconnect the battery and keep it in a place which is warm. This will help the fluid that is inside the vehicle from freezing. When you are again using the car, at that time, you can again reconnect the battery.

Some of the points that are discussed above will help you in safeguarding the battery during the winters. Just follow them and you will be in a good situation with your car batteries. Happy driving!