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Latest Technology In Residential Parking Barrier Systems

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With all kinds of valuables kept in the house, family residence, vehicles parked in the garage, and other personal items, any homeowner would be completely reasonable in worrying about the protection of all of those things, and overall security.

We all obviously want to be as safe as possible when it comes to our own properties. This not only applies to burglars and intruders, but also strangers who would want to trespass onto our private property, or anyone else who wants to gain unauthorized access.

Thankfully, the latest technology in the market not only makes all of this possible, but also adds further layers of protection and convenience.

Regardless of whether your gate is a plain one or has a slide built into it, a solid lock based on a magnetic mechanism is something that can vastly improve the protection of the house.

Ordinary Chain Gates

Plain gates that work using a chain or slide without needing to be unlocked first are vulnerable to an intruder with even a little experience with breaking in. Installing a magnetic lock on the gate on the other hand, goes a long way in preventing this sort of scenario, because entry is impossible without authorization.


The way the mechanism works is by transferring power to a magnet, which opens the door or gate only when you want, and this power can be sent through any switch, located anywhere in the house.

By using this locking method, you not only make sure the intruder is kept at bay, but also push him away from your property. Of course, it is possible to breach the system by disabling the power connection from the wiring, but any robber would be smart to avoid looking for the wires with a toolbox, since this will obviously create suspicion.


A magnetic lock can be a great investment, given the amount of security it adds, and that it doesn’t cost too much, compared to many other gate and home security systems.

Parking Barrier Suppliers In UAE

You can choose to buy the lock and its parts from the market yourself, or call parking barrier suppliers in Dubai - Krishcom to your home and install it for you.

Most of these locks are made of strong and solid metals like aluminum, and can easily be fixed onto the doors in a few minutes.

The power mechanism can either be based on batteries, with an alert when they get low.

You can also choose to connect the system with the power from the lines, which rids you from the problem of having to replace the batteries every now and then.

Some of the latest devices can even be controlled and managed using the web, or through an app you can download on your smartphone.