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Places to Explore Near Dubai Mall with Your Car Rental

Visiting Dubai and not paying a visit to the mall area makes your holiday incomplete. The plush mall and the attractive cafes around with sophisticated lobbies and high-end shopping zones make the place interesting for visitors. Even Dubai residents can periodically visit the mall to rejuvenate their spirits and spend some quality time with their families. You may drive your car or choose to take the assistance of a professional car hire company to visit the Dubai Mall. There is no dearth of activities to enjoy near Dubai Mall. An intelligent measure would be to avail of the services of a car rental Dubai Mall for their exceptional services to enjoy a memorable experience exploring the exotic places. You can also go camping in the desert and go for camping tent rentals to pack inside the car.

Drive to Gallery One

If the Dubai Art Scene interests you, then Gallery One is a famous art gallery near Dubai Mall, housing the artworks of world-famous artists. There are excellent paintings that will get you immersed in the subtleties of the art world. It presents an opportunity to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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The Calabar Lounge

Looking for a space to relax? How about visiting the fantastic Calabar Lounge? The place has facilities for car parking. You could witness great performances in the lounge from live music bands. It also has a string of restaurants providing world-class food and beverages. 

The Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera House, which is only a few minutes' drive from the Mall, regularly conducts shows and performances of famous artists, who travel from various parts of the globe. The brilliance of the Opera will surely impress you and leave you spellbound. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss!

Buhayra Lounge

Buhayra lounge is another world-standard lounge in the vicinity of Dubai Mall. It has wonderful arrangements for eating out and enjoying some time in a pool.

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So Spa

If you wish to spend some quality time to relax then So Spa, which is only a few minutes’ drive from Dubai Mall is the perfect choice. You can feel the calmness and have an extremely good time, relaxing your nerves in the spa. 

Dubai Aquarium

One of the foremost attractions of Dubai Mall is the Underwater Zoo or the Dubai Aquarium. You could witness the endearing antics of various sea animals from close quarters. 

Traveling in a rental car could thus help you enjoy your trip to Dubai Mall even more. Rent one now!