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Pros And Cons Of Major Fire Suppression Systems

The kind of fire suppression systems used in building, business premises, or other places of public nature depend on the need of the place, the types of fire expected, affordability, and many other factors.

The truth is, each major system has a set of pros and cons, making them unique, and best suited for a particular set of circumstances. This is why it may be very useful to consult experts of fire suppression Abu Dhabi before having a system installed.

A major aspect that affects your decision may also be the cost, and the maintenance expenses.

Along with this, each system will have its own equipment needs, and how often it requires servicing and more.

Part of this is also the cost of repairing items when they malfunction.

Here is a guide on the pros and cons of most fire suppression systems, to help you make an informed decision on which one to get.

Chemical Foam-Based

Chemical foam based sprinkler systemThese fire suppression systems are designed for use in restaurant kitchens, where fires tend to be frequent in the absence of regular maintenance, and require superior extinguishing agents, due to fuel induction.

The way to activate them is either automatically, through nozzles placed under the stoves, or manually, by activating them from a switch.

The positive aspects of this system include the absence of electrical devices in many such systems, making them very simple to use, and preventing any material damage to other components in the particular room.

Possible problems with this system include lengthy installation times, and the cost of the system. Since the agent is chemical foam, it may also be harder and time-consuming to clean up when deployed.


Water-mist systems are becoming more popular in recent times, since they are the perfect replacement for sprinkler systems, often used in places such as hotel rooms, malls, and hallways in apartment complexes.

Water mist fire system in DubaiThey can also work with flammable substances and rooms that carry a lot of electrically powered equipment.

They work mainly by creating an oxygen-absorbing environment for the fire when the mist evaporates, instead of using the water to cool the fire down.

The best thing about this system is that it does not create a mess like chemical foam does, therefore nothing needs to be cleaned up after they have been deployed.

The agent in this case is also virtually zero cost, making it a smart choice for those trying to save on budget.

Since mist is used, compared to a sprinkler, you don’t need water storage and pumping devices either.

On the other hand, this system is not considered a good replacement to sprinklers in many countries. Plus, manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment required are rare to come by.