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Mitsubishi Electric is back in the CCTV industry?!


After a lull Mitsubishi brand re-emerged on the surveillance market with new HD-cameras and video recorders. Taking into account traditionally serious approach of the manufacturer to constructive solutions design and quality, it may be safely suggested that these products may have promising financial prospects and chances of success.

The new product range of network cameras series 7000 includes two box-cameras, indoor NC-7020 and outdoor NC-7820, made in accordance with protection rating IP66. All models have an expanded dynamic range and are specially adapted for use in difficult lighting conditions (overexposed background, direct rays from light sources, etc.).
It allows to quadruple the distinguishability of details in complicated areas, in terms of light distribution. In 7000 series video cameras special image processing software algorithms are used in order to increase the contrast of moving objects display, especially in low light zones. Images formed by the new video cameras, meet performance standards for high-definition Full HD 1080P, which is equivalent to 2.1 megapixels. 
The new video recorders 5000 series can simultaneously record 32 video streams in Full HD resolution at full frame rate (30 f/s for television standard NTSC). Model NR-5000 is equipped with a hard drive with capacity of 2 terabytes and NR-5080 - of 8 terabytes. 
There is a possibility of remote access to live and recorded video streams via mobile devices.
According to corporate sources, Introduction of new Mitsubishi products to the market is scheduled for June 2015.