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NVRs with Video Analytics

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Xtralis Company announced a production batch of multi-functional network video recorders which are invented for remote monitoring, recording, managing, and have built-in video analytics. 

The new product line includes models ADPRO iFT, designed for 16 IP-based cameras, and ADPRO iFT-E with the possibility to connect up to 32 IP-based cameras with the video stream of 5 Mbit / s with HD quality. IFT supports Xtralis video analytics via all available video channels simultaneously and is controlled by ADPRO XOa 3 SecurityPlus operating system. Some of video analytics functions, such as IntrusionTrace (motion detector), LoiterTrace (loitering detector), SmokeTrace (smoke detector) and Client Trace (monitor consumer activity) can be downloaded and activated remotely. 
To communicate with external devices iFT NVRs have 136 outputs and 132 inputs, by means of which it is possible to control access to premises, adjust heating, ventilation and lighting in the building. Two-way communication audio system further extends field of utilization of the new network video recorders. Thanks to ADPRO Itrako mobile application, network DVRs monitoring and management can be provided from any place where there is access to the Internet.
ADPRO iFT network video recorder, as well as previous model FastTrace 2E, has expansion flexibility. Customers will have the possibility to expand their video surveillance systems with iFT network video recorders when there will be such a need or external conditions change.