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Trends of 2015 Shaping Surveillance Sphere

IP-Surveillance systems are improving at a quick rate and technologies are developing rapidly. What seemed quite impossible yesterday, today becomes real.

  • Cloud hybrid systems

Many customers indicate a wish to connect new cameras into existing video surveillance system. At the same time customers are eager to comply with security policies which imply a longer period of video archives store. As a result, these two factors force the designers to increase capacity of video storage media. Cloud resources become the best solution for them. Moving archives to a cloud instead of buying new servers involves substantial savings.

  • Unification and open platforms

No company can anticipate all future technological needs that may arise. And now one can often come across the situation, when a customer at first selects the option of a closed system and then regrets that rejected the long-term prospects for short-term gain.
Open platforms positions on the CCTV market will be further strengthening, as well as the trend of greater unification between security systems, telecommunications and software business will gather momentum. 

  • Effective computing speed

The demand for high-resolution cameras, such as HD, 4K Ultra HD and others is growing, and customers have a need to view multiple images of this quality. This in turn requires wider channels to broadcast video.
As a result we can see an increase in computing power, which compresses the image then decompresses it, and displays on the monitor. Transmission-channel capacity must be higher, storage media capacity should grow exponentially and rendering should be faster.

Thus it's evident that vendors have to think even more harder and faster in order their surveillance systems better meet the needs of a rapidly growing market.