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The era of real estate ERP

Consultants like Levtech Consulting provide the insights and information one needs to make an educated decision about your real estate management software.

Analyzing the gap

This process evaluates the deficit between what you are using now and what you actually need. We look at:

Analyzing the gap

  • Your company’s current IT structure (vs. the system you should have to maximize productivity
  • The efficiency gap between how you are using your real estate management solutions and how they should be optimized for your operation
  • How to automate your custom reports

Selection of the right system

  • One unique aspect of consulting teams like Levtech Consulting is that the experts have actually worked in real estate and with real estate technology - so they know what to look for, what to ask and how to assess if the IT platform is best suited for you.

A reliable ERP solution makes the job of managing business a lot easier, they conceive the solution in tandem with their customers so that a suitable customized solution can be offered to cater the required business needs. They make it accessible and previous technical knowhow is not required to operate it.


  • Real Estate ERP provides complete accounts and finance solution
  • Complete budgeting for organization, project and department wise
  • Automates tax compliances posting like TDS, service tax and VAT etc
  • Hassle free calculation, payments and return filling of taxes
  • Bar charts presentation for business development
  • IVR integration and details about unit status
  • Integration with accounting, architecture, sales and other relevant modules
  • Tendering and registration of contractors
  • Manages all the key data of employees


  • ERP Admin is more than just technical, or operational-it is a full business support
  • Financial Management helps plan, organize, directs and controls all the financial activities
  • Statutory Management helps accounting department to track statutory payments given to the government of India
  • Budget Management, a perfect module to ensure fund flow management and offer details analysis to management

ERP real estate

  • Business Development has various tools to manage development effectively
  • Pre-Sales Management helps in maximize enquiry flow to trace and track inquiries
  • Site Management helps us track and maintain quality of the activities at the construction sites
  • Asset Management puts valuable data at your fingertips like purchase, depreciation, allocation and sale
  • Audit management solution helps you follow government regulations and compliance with ease

Source: www.levtechconsulting.com