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What is Cloud Computing

The cloud platform is an environment where a user can access cloud computing services and manages their data online. Cloud platform in Qatar includes a range of services to compute, manage and store application development. Through a dedicated network, cloud platform services can be accessed by developers, cloud administrators or other IT professionals.


What is Cloud Computing

In cloud computing the services such as servers, storages, databases, networking, software or analytics are delivered over the internet. Generally, the companies which offer cloud computing services are cloud providers. Cloud computing services consist of highly optimized virtual data centers which provide hardware, software or information resources for users when needed. Organizations can simply connect to the cloud and use the available resources. You can deploy a cloud computing service with three different models.

Cloud computing

  • Private Cloud: This cloud functions solely for one organization on a private network and is highly secured.
  • Public Cloud: This cloud is owned by a cloud service provider and offers the highest level of efficiency in shared resources.
  • Hybrid Cloud: This cloud is a combination of Private and Public clouds. In a Hybrid, cloud-specific resources are run or used in a public cloud and others are run and used in a private cloud which provides an increase in efficiency.

Service Models of Cloud Computing

  • IaaS: By using Infrastructure as a service model or IaaS model, the organization gets infrastructure components such as computing power or storage capacity. Here the organization has the control over the entire IT infrastructure including the hosting environment and their applications. Thus, the organization needs an additional staff to maintain and manage the infrastructure and the applications.

Benefits cloud computing

  • PaaS: PaaS or Platform as a Service model provides the organization with the platform or a runtime environment to create and deploy applications. Here, the organization is only responsible for the development, maintenance, and management of the applications.
  • SaaS: SaaS or Software as a Service model provides the organization with ready to use applications. They use a combination of cloud-based compute and storage services. Microsoft provides various online services for these models.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Some of the benefits which cloud computing includes:

  • All the maintenance and updates will be carried out by the service provider.
  • Resources can be increased or reduced as per the business needs.
  • It helps in controlling cost as fees are based on consumption which can be paid monthly or annually.
  • Employees can sync up and work from any place.

Source: www.levtechconsulting.com