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Why A Yacht Is the Perfect Venue to Celebrate Any Occasion?

The streets of Dubai are loaded with luxury vehicles. Take a quick walk down any street in the emirate and you’ll see limos, sports cars, and just about every expensive super vehicle in between. As impressive as they are, however, none of these extravagant rides can rival a yacht. Despite being limited to the sea, yachts are markedly more versatile than their on-road competition. Think about it. A limo is always a limo. A Ferrari is always a Ferrari. A yacht, however, can be a nightclub, a boardroom, and even a chapel. Here’s what makes a yacht the perfect venue for all of Dubai’s most common events.


Everybody has been to a wedding in a church. Everybody has celebrated a wedding in the reception room of a hotel. Very few, however, have experienced a wedding and the afterparty onboard a yacht. If you’re planning a wedding - or any event, for that matter - and you want to ensure your guests remember it for the rest of their lives, choose a yacht as your venue. For host and guests alike, a yacht turns every party into an unforgettable experience.

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Status Symbol

We normally don’t advocate flaunting one’s wealth, but doing so is virtually essential to ensure success in Dubai’s relentlessly ruthless business world. If you’re planning a meeting with potential business partners, there is no better way to instill confidence in your abilities than by hosting it onboard a yacht. Even if the yacht is not your own, your guests will be impressed by your perceived wealth, taste, and business acumen.


Dubai’s hotels rank among the most extravagant in the world. This, of course, results in high prices, whether you’re trying to book a room or a function area. In fact, hotel prices can get so steep in Dubai that renting a yacht for an event is often the more affordable alternative. Prices will rise and fall depending on the size of the yacht you require, but most yacht rental agencies in Dubai and the greater UAE will work with you to reach a deal that is mutually beneficial.

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No Rival Parties

Oftentimes, booking an event in a hotel or similar venue means sharing the space - or at least nearby space - with another party. This can get pretty frustrating, especially if the party you’re expected to co-exist with consists of rowdy drunks or overeager flirts. Hosting your event onboard a yacht ensures you don’t have to share the venue with any rival parties, meaning you and your guests can enjoy yourselves without threat of interruption.


Is there any sweeter acronym than BYOB? You’ll have a hard time finding a Dubai venue that will allow you and your guests to bring your own beer. To make matters worse, venues in the city charge remarkably high prices for drinks. Unless otherwise specified by your rental agency, it is perfectly acceptable to bring your own alcohol onboard your yacht. Those who attend your event will also be free to do so. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with your drinking (we mean that both figuratively and literally.