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Why is information security important

Today, every business firm, organization, and companies no matter big or small are losing billions of dollars every year in hacking schemes. Cybercriminals of today use extremely sophisticated tools. They have learned the benefits of worldwide collaboration and are constantly getting better at covering their tracks. Therefore, some of the world’s leading companies such as information security companies Rwanda are investing in building a cybersecurity culture today.

Information Security

All you need to know about information security

Not many of us would leave our houses or cars unlocked or leave valuables unattended. But when it comes to information we tend to be less careful. For instance, the phone-hacking scandal. Many of the victims left their passwords set to the factory default setting of the password which made it easy for the hackers. This shows that we need to be more careful with information about ourselves, and that which we handle for others. This is exactly what we need to know about information security.

Most of us, whether at home or at work, have a huge amount of data on computers, smartphones, storage devices, tablets and on paper. There is so much of it that we can become complacent. Perhaps mixing everyday documents with sensitive information, then treating them as if they were all just ordinary files with nothing important on them. But what if these files got into the wrong hands?

A lot of information security is about being more aware of the risks we are taking. Personal information may seem unimportant to you, but to a criminal, it can be the key that opens doors. Therefore, we need passwords for everything these days.

Importance of information security

We store and access information from various devices and from such as laptops, mobiles verbal and documents. We handle various types of valuable information every day, for instance, customer data, Financial information, business data etc.

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Value of our information

Information is the asset that powers and enables our business. Any loss of information can affect the organization in terms of time, money and reputation. Let us look at some information security practices to be followed.

  • Access control: Wear your badge while at work, inside and outside the office. E-mail security: Does an email have a suspicious link or an attachment? Do not click or open it.
  • Internet security: While using the internet, do not download free or unauthorized software, even if you have admin access.
  • Social media usage: While participating in social media, do not disclose confidential information.
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi: Connecting to Wi-Fi? Always connect to secure Wi-Fi hotspots.

And lastly, report security incidents as soon as you identify them.