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Why Kids Should Not opt For Laser Hair Treatment

Is your child being bullied due to excess hair on the body? If yes it can be stressful to both parents and child and you might have been scouting for different solutions from counseling your child to look out for a treatment option. There are various reasons why kids have excess hair one could be premature birth that is kids born before 9 months because baby hair starts shedding in the mother's womb from 9th month onwards and for some it may be hereditary or it could be due to hormone imbalance, Kids are very sensitive to handle these issues and at this naive age this will create scars in their mind and their self-respect is hurt the most. 

Hair removal is not safe until child reaches puberty age. Until teen body undergoes major changes there would be lots of hormonal changes. In some cases, hair growth may decrease or go away completely on hands and legs. To know more about what all the risks are associated with laser hair removal for kids reach out to the best laser hair removal in Dubai who will provide you accurate assistance.

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Educate Your Children

As a parent, you have to educate and counsel them on how to handle bullying and what is the right thing to do. Bullying will never stop until you take some steps. Now this started with hair and if you have been falling prey to their bullying next, they will bully you on something else and this won't stop. Stop things to please people be comfortable in what you are.


As kids, they have very active lifestyle attending school and after school various extra activity classes. At this point of time child going for hair removal treatment will be very discomforting. As they are bound to stay indoors doors for a few weeks to a month to avoid sunburn and skin discoloration. As hair removal needs multiple settings.

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Child will experience numbness of hands after each session this will leave not able to do his project nor able to concentrate and neither will be able to do his other activities properly. If a child is having polycystic ovarian disorder, then this issue needs to be addressed first over the hair growth.


Laser hair removal can cause burns which will be very discomforting and painful. Skin redness which will increase further when they go out in the sun.

Dealing with excess hair might be difficult as a child but you should wait until they reach the right age to get laser hair removal done. In the meantime, they can go for other options like waxing, shaving, plucking and epilator. As laser treatment is permanent and is not safe for children below 16-18. Visit our website for more information on when is the right time for the procedure.