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New IP-Cameras Produced by GANZ

GANZDubai-CCTV product range was replenished by IP-cameras GANZ ZN1-B4NMZ43, which are designed for video filming at temperatures from -20 to +50 C. The cameras have cylindrical shaped body, a built-in IR searchlight and 3-9 mm zoom lens with adjustable viewing angles in the range of 110.8 to 35,5 degrees and also support PoE technology. The new IP-camera with PoE can transmit over the network up to 2 configurable video streams in H.264 and / or M-JPEG with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 f / s,  using backlight compensation technology, WDR, noise reduction, and automatic gain control. It also allows you to set GXi as an optional video analytics package. In addition, ZN1-B4NMZ43 is compatible with any management software that complies with  ONVIF specifications.

The new IP-camera is designed for round the clock video shooting under any lighting conditions on the territory of observation, has a built-in infrared illuminator providing uniform illumination of surveillance area at distances up to 25 meters. It is possible to configure day / night modes at the hardware level. 
It is worth mentioning that the IP-camera with PoE is notable for its high sensitivity along with the rapid adaptation to illumination level changes and can produce legible color images in all light conditions down to 0.5 lux.
ZN1-B4NMZ43 intelligent capabilities include multi-zone motion detection and alarm notification of camera body tampering and the capabilities can be expanded by installing the optional video analytics packages.