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Advantages of IT Annual Maintenance Contract

IT Annual Maintenance Contract are able to also acquaint themselves with your business techniques beforehand, so they'll know just what systems are most important for your functions.

How Much Will Office 365 Cost?

The Office 365 suites for personal use especially, have many perks, which can benefit domestic users. You can add any five computers, plus five more devices which can be tablets or phones.

Choose For Security!

If you have finally decided to be smart enough and get a home security system in Dubai for your safety, you are only in need to find the best ones. This article shows the best home security systems that are in.

Search Engine Optimization in Dubai

Have you ever heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Here in our article we have given full information about how to attain higher rakings due to SEO technologies.

Trends of 2015 Shaping Surveillance Sphere

Cloud hybrid systems, Unification and open platforms, Effective computing speed are the main trends of 2015 Shaping Surveillance Sphere. It's evident that the surveillance market is growing rapidly and we all have to be ready for global changes.


NVRs with Video Analytics

New multi-functional network video recorders were announced by Xtralis Company. The new product line consist of  ADPRO iFT and ADPRO iFT-E models. Among other characteristics there are: built-in video analytics and expansion flexibility.


Mitsubishi Electric is back in the CCTV industry?!

Mitsubishi Electric is back to the surveillance market with new HD-cameras and video recorders. The new product line includes two box-cameras, indoor NC-7020 and outdoor NC-7820. Financial prospects of the novelty seem to be very promising!


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